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Re: Air combats of Chinese Civil War 1945-1949?

Originally Posted by GuerraCivil View Post
All you posted sounds logical, but this website - claims otherwise
The title of this website is a dead giveaway.; airwar 1946. None of this occurred. This is just one of many what-if the war had continued websites. The US P-59 was never supplied to anyone.

The final nail in the coffin is the statement..."At first Japan needed all energy to repair the damage in Japan done by the US bombers during 1945 but from 1947 on they started shipping equipment to Manchuria again. Among the aircraft delivered were the Yokosuka R2Y Keiun and the Kyushi J7W Shinden." followed by.."In Japan meanwhile the development of jet aircraft progressed and in 1947 the Nakajima J8N4 Kikka fighter reached the squadrons of the Japanese Air Force. "
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