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Re: KG26 H-111 Norway 1940 1H+AC


The photo in the Preußischer Kulturbesitz Photo Archive has four crewmen standing by the fuselage of 1H+AC in the snow at "Lübeck-Blankensee." It carried a 1939-style fuselage cross, so it has to have been taken during the winter of 1939-40. THAT photo would almost certainly be of Hefele's crew and probably his a/c SD on 3 April 1940. It has the same coding and white last two letters as the eBay photo. However, the photo referred to in John Fredrik's post, if dated correctly, may well be the replacement a/c for that one. I note that it has a 1940-style fuselage cross. I also note that Maj. Martin Vetter was Gr Kdr of II./KG26 from 6 April to 20 Aug 1940, and the mishap that resulted in John Fredrik's eBay reference probably involved his a/c during that period of time.

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