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Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 10 / III


again well behind schedule, we may now inform you that JFV 10/III is on its way to the printer. Estimated time of publication is mid January 2009 as the oncoming Christmas season will not allow for an earlier release.

Vol. 10/III will complete the Home Defense in 1943 and will deal with JG 11 - III. Gruppe, 10. and 11. Staffeln -, JG 25, I. and III./JG 26, 2., I. and II./JG 27, JG 50, II./JG 51, II./JG 53, III./JG 54, EKdo. 25, Sturmstaffel 1, Stab JG z.b.V. and Industrieschutzstaffeln; in addition to that I. and IV./JG 5 are covered as they were fighting against the Western Allies from their bases in Norway. Finally there will be chapter with corrections and additions to the previous volumes.

All together there will be some 380 pages with the usual set of photos and line drawings as well as a large folding map featuring the Luftwaffe grid net.

Next in line will be Vol. 10/IV dealing with fighter operations in the West in 1943 which is more or less complete and will follow as soon as possible, hopefully in the summer of 2009.

I hope that you will be satisfied with the results.


Jochen Prien
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