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ww2 crash cases exhibiton in Dubrovnik

Hello all

I am an amateur researcher from Konavle county in Croatia. Almost two years ago I located crash site of then unknown US bomber that fell on mountain in my area. I decided to to some research and after almost one year I was able to find 10 cases in total in Konavle county. I am not the only author, lot of people gave me help in this, they all contributed in any form.

After almost two years of frenzy research on 20. of November 2018. we opened exhibition in old town of Dubrovnik about cases I was able to find out by now. For this exhibition we loaned parts from owners from villages in Konavle and put descriptions, pictures and documents regarding the case. This is first ever exhibition of this kind in Dubrovnik but I think in Croatia as well.

I am not a historian and also this is the first time ever that I prepared something like this so take into consideration that probably it could have been prepared much better
best regards
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