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Re: Birth/Death details of non Ritterkreuz 50+ aces

My contribution
I have also these pilots who meet the above criteria (40-49 vics and DK award ) :
August Muller, 49 vics, JG51
Gunther Toll , 49 vics, JG52
Heinz Fohl, 45 vics, JG52
Alfred Mikcsh, 43 vics, JG3, JG1.
Erhard Niese, 43 vics, JG77 and JG4
Josef Gabl, 42 vics, JG51,
Gerhard Reinhold , 41 vics JG5, JG7
Peter Bremer , 40 vics, JG54,
Rudolph Busch, 40 vics, JG51,
Walter Heitkamp, 40 vics, JG52
Bernhard Hessel 40 vics, JG51,
Berhard Lausch, 40 vics, JG 51,
Josef Schutte ,40 vics, JG3,
George Seckel, 40 vics, JG77, JG4,
Herman Segatz, 40 vics, JG26,JG5,JG51,JG1,
Erwin Stratznicky,40 vics, JG77, JG3 .

Furthermore there is a pilot named George Hahnlein of JG 54 with 40 vics but without DK.
Any more info about the above ?
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