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Some books
Mushroom Special,Red Series No 5104 : Fighters over France and the Low Countries ISBN 83-916327-1-7
and an old one PAUL CAMELIO & CHRISTOPHER SHORES Armee de l'Air. A Pictorial History of the French Air Force 1937 - 1945. Squadron/Signal 1976

according to latter 2.9.39 -25.6.40 Adl'A fighters claimed 696 confirmed and 253 probable victories, this doesn't incl Aéronavale and Potez 630 victories.
Of these H75A pilots claimed 230 conf. + 81 prob.
MS 406 pilots 269 conf.
D.520 pilots 114+39
Bloch pilots got nearly all the remainder.

Top scoring units:
CG I/5 85+26 (H75 unit)
GC I/3 51+21 (5+1 on MS 406, rest on D.520)
GC II/4 48+23 (H75)
CG II/5 48+22 (H75)
CG II/7 40+10 (15+9 on MS 406, rest on D.520)

OoBs are too laborious to type here.

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