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Re: Most One Sided Luftwaffe Victory over the 8th Air Force

Rob - according to the The Mighty Eighth Combat Chronology you have the 1st and 3rd BD losses transposed.

Their records and Macrs show the 1BD with 1CW,41CW, 40 CW and 94CW lost a total of 10 (8 to flak), flying in middle of bomber stream. They show two B-17s downed by GF, one at Hannover (303BG) and one over Berlin (384BG).

My fathers group, the 355th FG had the duty of escorting the 1st BD that day and only had two small engagements during the escort in and return to point of relief by 56th FG near Dummer Lake. They observed one B-17 going down to fighters and shot down one of the fighters making the attack between Hannover and Brunswick.
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