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Do you have a reference in the PRO for these three claims? If it is the ORB, do you have the piece number?

I know of two Battle of Britain period claims outside of Fighter Command. On July 25, 1940 P/O Charles Alec Bird of No. 4 Ferry Pool, and F/Lt Peter Prosser Hanks of No. 5 OTU shared a Ju-88 NE of Stroud, at 1415. This appears in the FC Combats and Casualties list as Confirmed, and in the ORBs of the two units (whose piece numbers I will have to search for).

On Sept 18 F/O George Francis Brotchie of No. 7 OTU claimed a Do-215 off the coast of Anglesey, in Spitfire I N3235. T/O time is given as 1930; I don't have the time of the combat, or the landing time.

Because 4 Ferry Pool, 5 and 7 OTU were not part of Fighter Command, these pilots are not eligible for the BoB Clasp.

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