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JG2 and JG4 in English are available now

Thanks to Erik, I have the unique chance to get the two books from the printer in China directly . Since I am the very first customer have received the books, I am glad to post my feeling here. The first impression of the books is very good, gives me the same feeling when I got Eagle Edtions' JG300. The books are well produced by using semi-gloss paper and full of text and photos. Most photos are "new" to me and well reproduced. Text are basicaly day by day account but heavily incorporated with veterans's war time report and vivid recollection like Erik has done in his JG1, not the boring war diary style just giving you the impression that everyday is the same day. I have no time to read much but after thumbing through the books, I can recommend the books to all TOCH members with no reserve.

Congratulations to Erik, Jean-Louis and Neil. I wish to see the coming of the following volumes soon.

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