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F-84s vs MiGs

Continuing in the investigation with different sources and comparing dates I have finded today two events envolving activites of MiGs and F-84s.


This day a PLAAF pilot, Zhao Baotong of the 3th FAD, 7th regiment with other five MiGs engaged some 24 F-84s Thunderjets near Sunchon, claiming after combat two and one damaged.

The event is well related in the book of Xiaoming Zhang "Red Wings over the Yalu". The USAF records do not confirme the kills but the Korwall had one entry under the "UNK" , a short descripition with:

"UNK Bailed out over land N of K-9, Nov 4, 1951." The plane is clear defined as F-84 , but ,nothing more, no Unit, no Bu number, no pilot name or ranks o something other.

Other event , the Mar 3 ,1952.

Heavy losses this day for the Thunderjets , four planes shot down.
The PLAAF was in the air this day , already two MiGs were shot down and one F-86E-10 of the 51th FIW(51-2761) was damaged with 23mm hits.

The F-84s shot down were of the 136th FBW(49-2416, 50-1169) and 49th FBG(51-670, 51-537) ; the event had some "smell" of MiGs but no direct reference in the records or different books.
We finded "engine exploded (poss due to battle damage)" , or "Did not rejoin flight after bombing run" , etc.

Maybe was the AAA and nothing to do with MiGs, but....

Another event but no F-84 this time, but F-94. The plane called "Volleyball 95" after VVS records, shot down in colission with a MiG-15 nighfighter of the 351 IAP the Nov 7, 1952. The Soviet pilot Ivan P. Kovalev ejected safely and later received the order of the Red Banner.
I dont have finded the ID of this plane or his crew. Some idea or information about that?


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