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Re: F-84s vs MiGs

Thanks Joe. Exactly, nothing to do with F-84s and MiGs the Dec 24 1950, I have chequed again the info of this day and only one source speak about that. Already most of kill claims of Naumenko are not admitted and cannot be supported with informations or documents.
With this type of work or investigations we must proceeded with extreme precaution and check, check and compare the informations of all sources and his reliabity.
Exactly for that I have mentionated here this event at the end with a laconic "ummm." Is not easy working with historic events of more of 50s years ago and still, with all risks of find deformations, revisions or adaptation of the sources serving particular interests, purpouse or ideas.
Coincidence in dates is not all , there are much other variables and details to take in count.

-Confirmed the kill of LtCol William E. Bertram the 21th Jan, 1951.A welcome new point. We hope new informations can be available at the future about the PLAAF historic records.

-All clear with Volleyball 3338, there are there some small confusión also with the date, some sources mentioned Nov 7, others Nov 8(a typical mistake with night fighters missions)but the victory is full admitted to the credit of Oliver R. Davis-F. D. Fessler and certainly a overclaim by Kovalev.

Thanks again Joe. Have you a email or a site to contact you privately for maybe some consults about other informations?


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