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Thanks for the reply.

Compared to the ETO, not many planes were involved in friendly fire mistakes in the Pacific.
I thin it is just only a matter of research and identification. White tails were not introduced without reason!

USAAF P-40E (41-5551) was shot down by Australian AA fire at Darwin, April 4th, 1942. Lt. Grover Gardner bailed out.
Do you have units of both Gardner and AA?

RAAF Beaufort (A9-224) mistakenly attacked a US Navy PB4Y Liberator, and the Beaufort was subsequently shot down by return fire from the Liberator, July 12th, 1943.
Are you sure of the serial? ADF site notes A9-224 survived the war. Any details concerning crews and units?

When RAAF P-40s first arrived overhead their new base in Port Moresby, Australian airfield defense units opened fire on them as they came in for a landing. Four Kittyhawks were damaged by AA fire, but I don't know the serials.
Do you have any date for it?

In Europe, there were too many friendly fire accidents to count. During the Battle of Britain, at least thirty-six British aircraft were shot down in error by the RAF or by British anti-aircraft batteries.
I have not that many written off RAF aircraft, around 20 I think, plus several more damaged. Have you got any list of them?

The Luftwaffe may have lost a higher total during Operation Bodenplatte.
John Manrho should comment this!
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