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Thanks for the next reply.

Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s
The number of RAF planes shot down in error during the Battle of Britain (36) was quoted by Stephen Bungay who was interviewed in a TV documentary series called SPITFIRE ACE. I recorded this program and watched it again today.
I am curious what was his source, nonetheless I believe the number was actually much higher.

Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s
There is no doubt that some friendly fire mistakes were covered up. One of the RAF pilots interviewed was Iain Hutchinson of 222 Squadron, who said that he was shot down by another Spitfire and then bailed out with burns. The official version of the story, as far as I can ascertain, was that Hutchinson's Spitfire (R6772) crashed after combat with an Me 109 on September 18th, 1940.
Well, they were covered quite well. I have a case of a shot up RAF Mustang but ORBs of all Mustang Squadrons say there were no sorties that day!
Hutchinson, have not had this one and I suppose his Spitfire was possibly credited to a RAF pilot as a Me 109 as there are some claims in the approximate time and area.
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