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Re: A new one

Hi guys

Here's something for the weekend!!

15-16/8/43 Mosquito shot down Wellington. Who was the errant pilot?

22/10/43 Mosquito shot down FIU Mosquito. Ditto

21/12/43 Two Typhoons 609 Sqn and Spitfire 501 Sqn shot down by P-47s.
Who were the US pilots?

28/3/44 Mosquito 107 Sqn shot down by P-51. Was this Lt CF Anderson 335 thFG?

23/4/44 Albemarle V1610 shot down by RAF nightfighter?

11/6/44 Mosquto 333 Sqn shot down by Allied fighters Orkneys?

28/6/44 Mosquito 192 Sqn damaged by Mosquito.

Hope someone can help with the latest. Sincere thanks. I owe you a drink!!

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