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Originally Posted by Franek Grabowski
Well, I have not found any statistics nor anything in that kind but my access to ex-PRO is quite limited, so I did no extensive search there. Procat did not return too many matching documents, however. My sources are publications and such documents like ORBs or PCRs.

Even if statistics were available from the RAF, it would still be wise to check other sources. On August 16th 1940, the same day that M.A. King and E.J.B. Nicolson were mistakenly shot by British soldiers, Hurricane P3173 (Pilot Officer J.F.D. Elkington) was shot down by British anti-aircraft batteries at Portsmouth, according to Francis K. Mason, THE HAWKER HURRICANE.

Other reference works, e.g. THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN: THEN AND NOW, lists Elkington as shot down over Thorney Island, with no cause given.
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