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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Hi guys,

Not much success with my previous list of friendly fire incidents, but I will persevere and here is my penultimate list of queries:

9/7/44 Lt Jack B. Miller 78thFG shot down by Spitfire
9/7/44 Spitfire PL137 shot down by P-47 353rdFG
14/7/44 Mitchell 226 Sqn shot down Mosquito
15/8/44 Two Spits 602 Sqn (MJ398 and MK244) shot down by P-51s
26/8/44 Spit 602 Sqn (PL264) shot down by P-47
18/9/44 Lt Robert O. Peters 335thFG shot down by P-51
19/9/44 P-51 357thFG shot down by Spitfire
26/9/44 Mustang 168 Sqn (AM101) shot down by P-47
7/10/44 Lt Raoul Rebiere 328 Sqn shot down P-51

I hope someone out there might have some of the answers. Many thanks.

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