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Re: Friendly fire WWII

In the August 1944 issue of "Recognition Journal" the following was mentioned. Perhaps someone knows about the a/c and boats involved: "Some months ago in the Pacific, a B-25 bomber on patrol spotted two torpedo boats below him. Not recognizing them as U.S. Navy PT's he came down on them, strafing with his eight .50-caliber machine guns. They, in turn, opened up on him. While the first PT was still sinking, a patrolling Navy fighter happened along, swung in on the bomber and shot it down. The bomber pilot never lived to make explanations, nor did all the PT men."

No. 1 Sqdn (RCAF) tallied its first victories on 24 Aug 40 by shooting down one Ju 88 and claiming another Ju 88 as a probable. Unfortunately, these a/c were Blenheim IFs of No. 235 (Fighter) Sqdn of the RAF.
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