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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Hi guys

Thanks for the latest - grateful to both Josh and Mhuxt for your input - Mhuxt, I believe Mosquito NS856 fell to a 4thFG P-51, possibly flown by Lt Charles Anderson.

Six Nifty - I haven't fully completed my research for Volume 2, which covers the Far East, so I haven't the detail yet that you require apart from:

1) The Harvard was flown by a Flg Off Jackson.

2) On 20/12/44 a B-29 (not B-17) was shot down in error (at night) by a Beaufighter flown by Sqn Ldr R.B. Morrison of 176 Squadron (one killed, 11 baled out).

3) On 28/5/44 a Beaufighter of 211 Squadron flown by W/Os J.W. Goddard RAAF and E.M. Boom was shot down by P-51 from 530thFS/311rdFG. Both crew killed. Identity of US pilot unknown to me.

4) 16/11/44 two Beaufighters of 211 Squadron were shot down by P-38s from 459thFS flown by 1/Lts Vern L. Flanders and Walter H. Patton. Two crew were killed in one machine, the pilot survived from the second machine but his navigator died of wounds.

I expect you are aware of other notable friendly fire incidents in CBI such as Boyington shooting down a USN Hellcat flown by Lt Richard Moore on 18/9/43; Capt Robert Owens USMC ace shot down by his wingman (identity unknown to me) on 24/1/44; Ace Capt James Swett shot down a RNZAF P-40 on 31/10/43. RAAF Catalina shot up by USMC Wildcat on 26/6/43 (identities of both unknown to me).

Keep 'em coming!


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