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Re: Question about VVS training units

Originally Posted by kurlannaiskos View Post
to the best of my knowledge RAP is Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment
раэведчик авиациа полк
what you should look for is ZAP
sometimes called reserve regiment,ferry regiment or training regiment.
at present I can't find what Zap stands for in Russian.

Sorry, but you are mistaken here. The unit I am referring to here is the 162-й резервный авиационный полк. In June 1941 all the existing RAPs were numbered 311 thru 320. The 162nd was based at Zyabrovka, Bronnom and Kholmiche airfields with a total of 64 I-16s, I-153s and SBs. Apparently 15 SBs that flew a combat mission on 26 June 1941.
but thanks anyway
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