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Re: Ghostbombers updates

My first new material for 2016 has been uploaded today to
  • Luftwaffe loss reports, May–December 1940: the sixth instalment, two pages covering November and December.
  • Jagdgruppe 200: a map showing bases and combats.and an eyewitness account of the unit's action on 12 July 1944.
  • Geschwader Bongart: information about two He 177 operations flown by Westa 2.
  • Operation Dragoon: cancellation of an operation against Allied ships off Corsica on 13 August 1944.
  • Kommando Olga: more information about 6.(F)/123 in the summer of 1944, including a Ju 188 operation from Saint-Martin-de-Crau.
This takes the site total to 541 pages.
Nick Beale
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