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Re: RAF and RAAF ORBs available on the Web (new version)

Originally Posted by MagicNJ View Post
I am trying to find sources for any squadrons that have been at Manston, including full ORB for 609 Sqn, 3 and 137 but anything covering its history and finding as many photos as possible.

I guess the question is, if the ORB's aren't linked on here, is the only likelyhood to either consider going to Hendon or Kew?

From the National Archives website, you can download RAF Squadron ORB's (AIR27 file series) and pilots' combat reports (AIR50 series) but (a) it's hard to work out which are the bits you actually want and (b) you have to pay for them and the cost can quickly mount up. At Kew you can view these items onscreen and print only the pages you need and it's a bit cheaper per page (25p last time I used the system), so if you want a really large number of items a trip to Kew might work out cheaper overall.
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