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Re: Spitfire P7350


BoB Now and Then states that BOTH
P7350 P/O Martel
P7325 P/O Soden
were shot down on Oct 25th!!

For some reason, it is popular to state as Franek does, "I am using various primary sources", BUT, refrain from stating exactly what these sources say, which ultimately actually is AVOIDING to answer the question.

Franek PLEASE, ANYONE can understand you are using the sources you state, but you have to be aware of that the authors of BoB Now and Then hardly stuck their finger up in the air and GUESSED that Martel flew P7350 and Soden P7325! Christer is asking what you SPECIFICALLY have which makes the BoB book out of date in this question and you correct!
For example if you DO have Martel's logbook stating he flew P7325 when he was shot down, please SAY SO. If you have anything else which leads you to the conclusion, please go ahead and say that as well.

The most EASY conclusion of the whole subject is that there is a simple confusion and mix up between the pilots of the two aircraft, that is, Soden flew P7350 and Martell P7325, BUT that is of course only conjecture on my side. I just like you are eagerly awaiting what Franek's source really say...

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