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Re: Flt Lt John Coghlan DFC

Hi guys

Many thanks for all contributions including reference to the earlier discussion.

From what I now understand, the following summary of events would seem to be the latest state of play:

Lysander N1203 flown from Ringway to Manston by Coghlan on the evening of 17 August, carrying Belgian agent Henri Lenaerts

(a) The Lysander crashed into the sea en route to its destination (which was?) and both drowned. Coghlan's body washed ashore at Wimereux 23 August.

(b) If the Lysander did reach its destination, then presumably Lenaerts parachuted rather than the Lysander landing; was captured, tortured and executed.

(c) The Lysander ditched on the return flight etc and Coghlan drowned.

Stay safe

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