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Re: RAF and RAAF ORBs available on the Web (new version)

Originally Posted by Alfred.MONZAT View Post
The National Archives are currently giving a free (limited to 10 documents at once and a total of 50 by month) access to their digitalized archives. If you download 49, you can order 10 more so in fact you can download 59... per mailing adress.
Hope this doesn’t interrupt the thread. I’m trying to pull together a full record of my Uncle’s service in 619 Squadron RAF (Bomber Command) in 1943.

I’ve got the AIR27’s from the National Archives (via the download quoted above) but they don’t tell you a hell of a lot - they’re short-form notes about how the attack went from each aircraft’s POV. “Bombed the Green TIs, lots of smoke” etc.

It’s as though they are one desk of many in the post-op interrogation. Are there more detailed (or other) notes somewhere? I know from my Uncle’s diaries and letters they experienced fighter attacks etc. none of which is in the AIR27s.

Many thanks, Don
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