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Re: RAF losses 5./6. March 1945

HI HOnzo,

This is quite good site to get particular info:

It sys that 5/6 3.1945 were losses as follows:
Halifaxes: Chemnitz LL559 LV996 LW210 MZ454 MZ738 MZ845 MZ905 MZ914 MZ948 NA173 NA184 NA190 NA204 NP793 NP799 NP959 NR120 NR131 NR144 NR226 PN173 PN228 RG475 RG502
Lancasters:Chemnitz KB778 KB842 KB845 KB858 ME320 ME333 ME392 NG240 NG458 PB475 PB557 PB563 PB872 PB921 PD375 PD403
Lancasters: Bohlen LM654 ME386 NF918 NG230 NG401 NG410 PB644


If you follow the squadron losses, you can find info on planes mentioned above by codes...
Good luck
Peter Kassak
peterkassak (aT)

also: Zerstorer Research Work Group,
"Geschichte des Zerstörergeschwader 76 (Zweite Aufstellung 1943-45)"
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