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Ju-88 Mistel - opinions on paint scheme

Further to my questions regarding Fw-190s here, I'm looking for opinions on the colour scheme of the aircraft pictured here.

If as I assume the aircraft is a modified Ju-88G-1, I would perceive the predominant colour to be RLM 76. Given that most Mistels did not undergo a repaint from their former roles, I am somewhat surprised at the uniform colour of the cockpit assembly, in particular the glazed nose and bulged twin-gun canopy. The paint is generally scruffy, yet these areas have either been repainted to match the rest of the structure, or the aircraft was in service with these modifications, before it was assigned to the Mistel role.

While the linked image isn't particularly clear, there are better copies in several books, and a very clear image of the nose of this, or at least an identically configured aircraft.

I woudl welcome any opinions or suggestions,

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