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Status of JFV Vol 9 from the team of Dr. Prien

As announced yesterday by Ruy, Volume 8/II of the JFV series is now out. Jochen Prien has just provided me an update on the status of Vol 9, which, with his permission, I'm passing along to the readers of this board.

"As things are right now, Vol. 9 will have to be broken up into three parts, the sheer mass of victory lists bursting the usual frame. 9/I, which is ready, will deal with the Winterwar 1941 /42 up to April 30th, 1942, whereas 9/II and III will center around the summer offensive 1942 until the defeat at Stalingrad on February 3rd, 1943. As a sort of Appendix in part III we will have to cover JG 5 in Northern Norway and Finland, which had no real connection to the fighting along the rest of the Eastern Front. So far I have finished JG's 3, 51, 52, I./53 and 77 with JG's 54 and 5 still to be dealt with."

I know that many of you eagerly anticipate the publication of these volumes and I thought you would like to know how the next section is shaping up.
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