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Michel Gruyelle GCII/7

In following the career of Gabriel Gauthier I find several mentions of Michel Gruyelle. One source credits him with four confirmed and another probable victory in 1940. Others show him as scoring three confirmed in France. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

I should mention that Ciel de Gloire claims four confirmed victories and two probables. He is listed as claiming probables on 3 January and 15 May 1940. However two of the confirmed victories do not appear in "Les Pilotes de la chasse Francais"...but he is credited in the latter with a share in a He111 on 1 June 1940. Therefore he is not credited with victories on 25 and 28 May 1940.
In this database:

Four confirmed and one probable are listed. Two confirmed in the D520.

Gruyelle claimed another victory in 1943 but he does not appear in "Les as de la Guerre 1939-45".
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