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Re: NEW BOOK - Fw 190 D Camouflage & Markings - Part

Hello Mike

Yes it will be on sales soon .

We know that people were expecting it sooner , but I can say to you it is worthy to wait .

Reading it could take few days , ellaborating it, with the level we wanted to achieve, tooks much much longer always too much for reader , always not enougth for authors to be as perfect as we want it to be .

Be just aware that producing such a book is not as simple as a roman . You have to deal with text, maps , photo captions , technical drawings , colour profiles , tables , original documents . And everything has to fit with everything . And we do it on our free time .

So volume 2 is on its way , it will not be issued in 3 years , I can promise it to you , but it will take some monthes to be ready . I can say in year 2006 .

In any way we are very pleased that some of you are waiting for our work.
All the best

Eric Larger
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