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Re: Friendly fire WWII

Hi guys

Thanks for the various comments re my quest for friendly fire (blue-on-blue)incidents. I do intend to include air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air, plus other related incidents such 'white-on-blue' (attacks on Allied/Axis aircraft by neutral aircraft), 'blue-on-white' (attacks on neutral aircraft by Allied/Axis aircraft), aircraft collisions with (own) barrage balloons, etc.

Please understand that I am not sensationalising such incidents but consider they are an important part of aviation history which tends to be overlooked by historians.

Nils - of course you are correct - no such animal as 'friendly' fire! And yes, Ian, I have picked up on the Bader incident. Its is apparent that I do not have full details of the George Preddy incident and will follow up on your suggestions Paul, John and Joe.

Laurent - among my many failings is an inability to read French very well - are you able to translate for me the incidents mentioned in Arnaud Gillet's book? If this is too great a task, may I ask you to provide further details of the book to enable me to purchase a copy? Many thanks.

Have a nice one and keep smiling

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