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Re: eBay: Some Me 262s 14/10

Hi Richard,
the location is verified by comparison of about 30 war- and peacetime photos of Oberwiesenfeld and is a hundred percent correct.

Another photo of this Me 262 can be found in the old Luftwaffe Verband issue 36. I've attached it for you - and you are even correct, it could be "T9" instead of "TS", but there were such a lot of Bf 109s and Bf 110s coded "TS+MB" found at Schlei▀heim, which is very close to Oberwiesenfeld, that it is very likely that our Me 262 originally belonged to that bunch (TS+MB is not a Stammkennzeichen but some kind of an universal marking allocated to Technische Schule - Motor, based at Schlei▀heim. Also see this thread:

There is one other photo showing a part of this Me 262s tail, but sadly, no Werknummer can be seen.


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