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Re: Ofw Hermann Förster 2./JG27


He was born on 30th May 1941, and trained with JFS.Werneuchen. On 14th December 1941 he was shot down by RAF Kittyhawks. He baled-out of his Bf109 near Tmimi, Libya, but his parachute failed and he fell to his death, it was his 287th sortie.

All his claims were as an oberfeldwebel, the first six with 11.(N)/JG 2, the last seven with 2./JG 27:-

23rd February 1940 Wellington 50km north of Norderney at 1025 hrs
26th April 1940 Hampden over Hornum at 0101 hrs
10th May 1940 Fokker G-1 near Rotterdam
10th May 1940 Fokker G-1 near Rotterdam
24th May 1940 Blenheim over Borkum at 0818 hrs
9th July 1940 Whitley 20km north of Heligoland at 0250 hrs
17th June 1941 Brewster at 1910 hrs
26th June 1941 Hurricane over Gambut at 1330 hrs
18th August 1941 P-40 east of Ras Asaz at 1830 hrs
21st August 1941 Hurricane east of Gambut at 1745 hrs
10th October 1941 Hurricane at 0950 hrs
10th October 1941 Hurricane at 1600 hrs
10th December 1941 Boston 15km east of El Hacheim at 1402 hrs

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P.S those other than 2./JG 27 details may not be 100% accurate, or confirmed.
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