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Hinton's F-84E 51-664 was reported downed by ground fire near Sunan NK, parachute didn't open, classed MIA. There are no known Soviet or Chinese aerial claims for 2 Jan '52.

Hulse was credited MiG-15's on three occasions, official USAF credits for .5 on 25 Oct '52, 1 9 Dec '52, and .5 13 Mar '53 the day he himself was downed in F-86E-6 (Canadair built) 52-2879.

There are 6 known claims of F-84's and F-86's by the PLAAF that day, and 2 F-86 claims by the Soviets, one by StLt GN Berelidze of the 913 IAP (? I believe) and the more interesting by St Lt. VN Lapyigin of the 535 IAP, said to fall immediately adjacent to Antung airfield.

Hulse's a/c is the only documentable loss that day. USAF records put the location at grid coordinates east of Antung over NK (but might not record a location inside China). A 51th FIW F-86 and a pair of 474th FBG F-84's were also damaged by MiG's.

Hulse is listed in the DPMO Korwald database as MIA; "MiG Alley" by Thompson and McLaren says he died as a POW.

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