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Re: F/Sgt Charles McCormac's rescue by RAAF Catalina 16/9/42

Hi guys

I'm still researching McCormac's rescue etc, but on re-reading his book I have come across another interesting entry.

While in a small boat drifting off the Malayan coast a few days after the escape from Singapore (with 7 others - do we know a date? Probably circa April), the boat was strafed by two 'Zeros', and three occupants were killed/drowned.

The four survivors continued drifting for a couple of days or so, when suddenly a Dutch Do.24 alighted and picked the up. They were informed that the Do24 was on a special mission to Medan, where a number of VIPs were to be picked up, and the four escapees were deposited. McCormac recorded that about 60 people were ferried from the beach to the flying boat. Can we determine the date of this incident? Presumably the Do.24 came from Australia. Might it have been X-24/A-6?

The mystery deepens!

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