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Rhodos airfield Gadurra, Calato

Hello together,

my name is Rudi. I am from Germany and i live for 4-6 weeks/year on Rhodos island. Our house in located in Malonas, near the Gadurra river and Kalathos airfield.

Some years ago I heard about the FW 200 that was left on the airfield and started to do some research there.
The final aim of my investigation is to provide a summary of facts and then/now pictures of all 3 airports at Rhodes, which were used in WW2.

I also want to analyze the distribution of all the airplane parts around the Island to their finding location. (e.g. Fw 200, JU52)

The first airfiled i want to start is Gadourra, Gadurra, Calato, Kalathos or whatever else it was called airfield. GPS: 36.145953, 28.066232

I am looking for any information available. especially things from the early days, aerial pictures, videos, reports, findings of material. etc.

If someone from here has Greek contacts for me i would also be very happy. ( Maybe Pierre ?)

My next trip there will start in a few days. We will take some pictures (from the same location as some old ones i already have) to find the old remains and reconstruct the flypath&approach of a Ju52 in 1943 from which i have a video.

Thanks for any information!

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