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Re: Rhodos airfield Gadurra, Calato

Hello all together

i am very impressed about all the answers and how fast...


I will put all this Information into my research.

Does anyone of you know where to get some historic aerial pictures? (spy pictures?)

I have already reconstructed a lot of the infrastructure at the southern side of the airfield and the "hill" near the coast which is now military restricted area.
There should have been fuel dumps in the west and a bomb dump in the north, next to Gadurra river. There are also pictures of tunnels which i couldn't locate.

An older guy from Rhodes town told me a lot about planes which have been hidden in the north western area, about 2.5 to 3km

Another interesting topic is, that there are aeroplane parts all over the area. I found a complete aileron of a JU 52 about 5km from the airfield.

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