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Pre-War fuselage bands with numbers on RAF, FAA biplanes

Dear all, firstly let me explaing this is a topic I do have no information or background (books, lectures, etc.) about; so any help is most welcomed.

I have seen (and this is why I am trying to find out more) some pictures of Pre-War RAF and FAA biplanes with the serial number painted on the rudder and a broad fuselage band with a number on it (seems to be painted on Squadron colour).

For instance:

a) There are pictures of the Hawker Nimrod I, serial K2827 with the number 108 onto the fuselage band (whose colour I do knot know);

b) Another Hawker Nimrod I, serial S1582 do have the fuselage number 102 onto it (the colour is unknown to me).

At first I thought this could be (like some Pre-War RAF Squadrons used to adopt) the Squadron Number...but I found that it does not seems so....

So my question is:

1- Why a Nš 800 Squadron (FAA) used the fuselage code of 102?
2 -Why a Hawker Nimrod S1635 of No. 800 Sqn used the fuselage band code of 106?
3 - Why a Hawker Nimrod K2827 used the fuselage band code of 108?
4- How does the FLEET NUMBER applied to aircrafts of the same Squadron??

And the list goes on....

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