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Re: B-17 414th BS colours

Hi Themis.
44-6340 was a G-50-DL unpainted as camouflage was discontinued from block 35-DL.

The first 2silver" G-35-DL was "Glittering Gal" 42-106984, 99BG.

The B-17 with the striped rudder had a replacement fin section in Medium Green which was also applied to most Olive Drab planes at the factory to break up the outline of the tail. You can see the different colour in lots of photos.

The red stripes ( on a couple of 414th planes) were an individual marking not squadron. The Fifteenth AF were much more relaxed about markings than the Eighth so had more variety.
Standard markings in the 414th were a Triangle "Y" ( still on a white triangle on bare metal) usually with a plain "4" below the serial ( the designators were the last number of the squadron, ie. 0,1,2,4 for the 4 squadrons).
The G-50-DL block had the Cheyenne tail turret in procduction.
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