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Smile Re: 109E of Oblt. Herbert Kijewski, StKap 5./JG3 8.40

Merry Christmas Larry, Jochen et all

Just out of curiosity, why do you attach WNr 1443 with Kijewski?
Cannot find anything in Jochen's book or anywhere else for that matter, so what do you have up your sleeve??

Another interesting point from that date is that Jochen in HIS book states that WNr 5130 from 4./JG 3 was slightly damaged while Les Pertes de Chasse de Jour Allemande en France Vol 1 claims this to have been WNr 5136 (although they recognise that Prien states 5130). Anyone wishing to stick his neck out over this one? A sloppy 6 easily becomes a 0, AND vice versa!!....

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