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Re: Graf or Steinhoff?

I was lucky to have dinner with Steinhoff and Galland on separate occasions.

Steinhoff mentioned after fighter pilots meeting ,that he and Lutzow were separated one to italy and other to Norway!. Also said when he tried to call Lutzow call was "politely" blocked. " Sorry Herr Oberst your not allowed personal calls to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galland said troublemakers Macky and Franzl were sent as far as they could be!!Also seem to remember him saying something like "I was so depressed about situation that he had nearly done same as Udet". However 2 SS officers had arrived and told him they were to make sure he didnt do anything stupid and he was taken to Reichchancellory next day and told to get out of Berlin (by Von Bellow?).

Steinhoff also mentioned Goering went "Purple" at Lutzow's statement.


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