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Re: Recce plane (Ju88D from 4.(F)/122?) FTR 4-6.Feb.1944

Originally Posted by Andrey Kuznetsov View Post
Hi Andrew,

thank you for the data on 7.Apr.44. Really interesting as it was on the eve of Crimean operation. When 4.(F)/122 was transferred to East Prussia? Apparently in February the unit still in the Black Sea region.
The puzzle with lost night recce plane between 4 and 6.Feb remains. Maybe it was from Küstenstaffel Krim if, as Ulf Balke wrote, the Staffel really had He111 with Hohentwiel radar.


Hi Andrey,

Re 4.(F)/122:
19 February 1944: Odessa operating under I. Fliegerkorps. (1)
March 1944: transferred to Königsberg/East Prussia (probably Königsberg-Neuhausen) to rest, refit and begin conversion to the Ju 188. (2)

1. NARA/WashDC: RG 242 microfilms.
2. ADI(K) interr.sum.

I hope this helps. I wish my sourcing was more specific but there were times during my years and years of research, especially in the German microfilms and the British Air Ministry intelligence material, when I got weary and took shortcuts when it came to the footnotes.

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