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Corrections and Additions


here is the first part of corrections and additions concerning the JFV series. More will follow in due course.


p. 135: Other than the rest of the Gruppe 9./JG2 introduced its own form of a revised camouflage scheme on the upper surfaces of its Bf 109s in May / June 1940. This scheme sported bigger and soft edged spots on the fuselage sides as compared to the small, hard edged specks used by the rest of III./JG 2 and I./JG 2. This particular colour scheme can be seen on photos no. 78, 79 and 80 in JFV Vol. 4, that were made before the beginning of the BoB and show a/c of 9./JG 2 in France, presumably in late May / early June 1940.

p. 380: The loss of 2./JG 76 on May 17th, 1940, did not concern Lt. Joachim Schypek but Lt. Bernhard Schulten, who returned to his unit on May 25th, 1940, slightly wounded.

JFV 8 / II

p. 273: The Bf 109 lost on July 25th, 1942, that came down off the Sicilian coast belonged to 2./JG 77, not 1. Staffel as is stated in the last chapter, third line from the bottom; The pilot did not have to take to his parachute but was able to ditch his a/c close to the beach and to swim to the shore - vide Prien, JG 77 Vol. 3, p. 1249 with further references.

JFV 9 / II

p. 526: The loss of Uffz. Georg Koppe occurred on September 8th, 1942, not on the 5th; this is born out by the loss return and is stated correctly in the loss table on p. 570.


p. 318: The rudder on photo no. 335 did not belong to " black 5 " of Oblt. Hackl but to the a/c of Oblt. Heinrich Setz, Staffelkapitän of 4./JG 77; Anton Hackl scored his first four claims in the West whereas Heinrich Setz scored only two claims in the West as can be seen on this photo.


Jochen Prien
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