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Re: Some questions about KG 54 Bombing Rotterdam may 14 1940


Thanks for your reply, apologies for my late reply. A summarize and possible answers to my questions interpretating the post of Robert.

A: 100
B: 54 aircraft of Stab, II and III Gruppe suggest not full battlestrenght, perhaps all available aircraft at that time. 46 for I Gruppe suggest I Gruppe was at full battlestrength

C: Aircraft took off from Varrelbusch, Hoya and Quakenbrueck, not Delmenhorst
D: data about route and waypoints is still missing

E: Splitting up happened before reaching Rotterdam, exact location/area still unknown
F: I Gruppe was led by Obstlt.Hoehne, could the formation of 54 have been led by Geschwadercommodore Oberst Walter Lackner?
G: There was a secundary target for the 43 aircraft that did not drop their bombs on Rotterdam, secundary target still unknown

H: No data yet about the spokesmen in the historical debate between "tactical bombardment" and "act of terror"

I: No data of any losses of KG 54 aircraft during this mission yet, so probably all 100 aircraft returned to base safely

Dutch sources say bombardment was between 13.20 and 13.25, this was not the time of take-off. If the 1,5 hours flying time is correct aircraft took off between 11.45 and 12.00

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