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Re: G/C Gordon Harvey, DFC, RAAF

Timelines - Obituaries
Pilot survived Korean War as prisoner
Damien Murphy
1,033 words
26 July 2017
The Sydney Morning Herald
2017 Copyright John Fairfax Holdings Limited.

In the absence of an Internet Link, a brief "fair use" excerpt intended to identify the subject of this piece follows:

joined the RAAF as a 19-year-old after Japan had entered World
War II. He soon displayed a talent for flying and quickly became an instructor. He went into battle towards war's
end and served 15 months in Japan with the occupation forces. When the Korean War broke out, he had just
began a second tour with No. 77 Squadron in October 1949 and went into action from its Japanese base at

The squadron had at first escorted USAF B-29 bombers but soon switched to ground attacks. The low-flying
sorties were demanding and dangerous and took a steady toll on aircraft and pilots but Harvey's luck held and
after seven months he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross, as well as two American decorations, the US
DFC and the US Air Medal. When he took off to attack Pyongyang on January 19, 1951, it was his 84th combat
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