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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

Originally Posted by kirche View Post
At this time of the 3 VA in the air, there was only one PE-2 (pilot Frolov, 527 BAP), which was doing reconnaissance on the route Belyij-Dukhovshchina-Sychevka-Staritsa - 10.10-13.25. The enemy fighters not seen.
1 VA - 204 BAD did not participate.
10 ORAP and 2 DRAP - no loss.

5 GIAP in this time also not was in the air.
But there is a report which most likely relates to one of the casualties of the fighters of JG51 in the day (Georg Seelmann ?):
210 IAD per period 10.30-11.30 - 6 Yak-1 with bombs (leading major Timofey Kobyilochniy, 163 IAP) - cover Il-2 - bombing of German warehouses in Monchalovo. In the area of Pochigaevo met 2 Bf-109f. Major Kobyilochniy attacked wingman's Bf-109 - the attack is seen, the plane went to the right. Kobyilochniy second attack came at a distance of 40 m to the second Bf-109f. With the first shooting lit it - the plane caught fire, the German pilot jumped out with a parachute and went down in the area of Pochigaevo.
Kirche, Did you mean the entire day or just this time period? Even though I did not find them mentioned in the reports, I did find the following for the 5 GIAP on the 3 August 1942:
Guards Mayor Boris Zhurin 5 GIAP while flying a LaGG-3 claimed a Me-109 (5) at Martyukovo. (His last victory claim)

Guards Mladshiy Leytenant Aleksey Luk’yanov 5 GIAP flying a LaGG-3 went missing in action in the areas of Novoye-Semenovskoye, Polunino, Vydrino, Starshevtsy.
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