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451st BG/726BS - MACR 7211


On the 26th July 1944 a/c of the 451st BG/726BS bombed the Beret Oil Refinery in Albania.
On the homeward flight two aircrew of one a/c bailed out. They became Pow's.

2Lt. Roland E. Cook O-706702 from Oklahoma and Sgt. James J. McLean - 32848524 from New York both survived the war. Sadly Cook has no reference to his military service on his grave marker and McLean has only Sgt, US Army on his.

The two bailed out some 16 miles off the Albanian Coast, it was recorded that the wind direction would possibly blow them towards land. As they both became POW's this must have been the case.

The a/c Pilot was 2Lt. Maurice J. Beaucond - O-700893.
The damaged a/c was flown to an alternate airfield, it's serial number is as yet unknown.

I have looked on the 451BG website and searched through the a/c serial numbers listed for the 726BS. Aircraft assigned prior to and possibly available on the 26July1944 it seems were -
41-29580 42-95509
41-29547 42-78478(Sal 28th)
41-29242 42-78465
41-29229 42-78463
41-28955 42-78102
41-28860 42-52460
41-28760 42-52429
42-52153 42-52111
42-52082 42-52078
42-51300 42-7687
42-7636 42-7475

Is there any chance one of the above listed was the a/c involved and if so which one was it ?

Many thanks
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