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Re: 451st BG/726BS - MACR 7211

Alex, still nothing concrete but it does appear that this MACR 7211 crew may have stayed together with 5 of this crew KIA 22 Aug 1944 when 42-52111 was shot down. Still not proof that 42-52111 was the plane from which Cook and McLean jumped but this may make it a more likely candidate.

MACR 7211 remaining crew members and fate (?)

2Lt Maurice J Beaucond, Jr., O-700893 (P) Later 22 Aug 1944 POW

2Lt Weldon H Jeffress, O-719850 (CP) Later 22 Aug 1944 KIA

2Lt Sidney S Grapey, O-719850 (N) Later KIA (date of death in error likely should be 22 Aug 1944)

Sgt William T Gibson, 34650016 (ETTG) enlistment Later KIA 22 Aug 1944

Sgt Oliver H Martin, 38512700 (BTG) enlisted No NARA POW record found. This might be our Sgt Martin (7 Sep 1924 to 27 Dec 1960)

Sgt Billy R Bolin, 38515825 (TG) No NARA record found. WW II Memorial, Billy Ray Bolin http:// likely our Sgt Bolin

S/Sgt Willard E Smith, 37657815 (WG) enlistment KIA 22 Aug 1944

S/Sgt Frank A Johnson, 37666953 (WG) enlistment KIA 22 Aug 1944 and
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