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Re: BF109G-12

Hello Rasmussen,

Yes, That's just the answer David sent me; but the most important is 15206 wasn't a G-6 dear Jörge. Left the Stkz story to be resolved:
Bert Hartmann is giving ? to ? for BJ+Dx serie (Bf 109G-6)- the serie being complete (ie 26 plane/Stkz).
And 15183 to 15208 for BJ+Px serie (Bf 109G-4 and/or G-4/Trop if you want to include sub-details))- the serie being complete too.

BUT we know by a photo evidence (see Thomas Genth site) that 15208/BJ+DZ is not a G-6 but a G-4 -then G-12 of course. And that: it's BJ+DZ and it's really 15208 (scan sent by Thomas Genth at my request this morning).

I want to know if there is a possible error in those BJ+Dx & BJ+Px series; in fact 15183 to 15208 would be BJ+D... not BJ+P...
Hence, the Erla 15205 to 16000 G-6 production cited in Prien/Rodeike is continuing the G-4(Trop) production: that 15208 and 15206 cited by you, for example.

Regards, Franck.

Happy new year Jörge.
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