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According to E. Mombeek's Jagdwaffe, The Battle of Britain, p. 295, the F-0 was first flown in action by Maj. Molders on Oct 22, 1940. On that day he claimed three kills (Hurricanes) NW of Maidstone, from 49th to 51st, which so could be the first victims of the Friederick.

According to different sources (Prien & Rodeike, Bf 109 F-K, an illustrated study), Maj. Molders (Stab/JG 51) first flown the F-0 on Oct 6th (no claims) or on 25th (52nd and 53rd claims, two Spitfires, NW of Dover and on Margate).
In Mombeek's book there's a picture of Molders' F-1 with 54 kill marks on its tail.

I don't know how accurate are the infos, but that's all I could gather

Gianluca Mantellini
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