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Re: German Claims in Poland 1939

You do not understand!
The point is not about possible overclaim but about making false claims.
Mr Emmerling accusses Skalski of making false claim in 1941 that resulted in crediting him with an extra victory. This is a very strong accusation, which perhaps should end up in a court, especially as Mr Emmerling is not going to understand that Skalski was credited with the victory in question already in 1939. He is also not going to understand, that original Polish reports of 1939 were written in haste, are not clear and sometimes are confusing. His knowledge of Polish seems also to leave much to desire - he clearly does not understand what is written in the Polish documents.
It looks like there is a white card lying on a table but the man is saying it is black.
ID plates of any aircraft have nothing to it.
You ask for evidence.
In my reply to an article in Lotnictwo that covered combats of III/4 Dywizjon, I have included about 40 footnotes reffering to particular documents (with ref. nos), mostly originating from 1939. Mr Emmerling called them worthless.
To turn it into your categories, a certain Norwegian pilot returned with a Spitfire damaged by bits flying off a destroyed Fw 190. IIRC there is no fitting German loss. How would you feel if the pilot was called a liar, who invented the story just to cover up damage to his aircraft, possibly achieved in an accident due to low flying?